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About Felicia A. Armstrong, DPM

ABOUT Maryland Podiatry Services

Find lasting relief from foot pain at Maryland Podiatry Services in Baltimore, Maryland. Led by board-certified podiatrist Felicia Armstrong, DPM, Maryland Podiatry Services provides the highest standard of care in podiatry.

Dr. Armstrong and her experienced staff understand how quickly foot pain can impact a person’s ability to work, go to school, and even walk without discomfort. That’s why they make it a priority to uncover the root cause of every patient’s foot dysfunction before recommending treatment. Every patient’s care plan includes both a comprehensive diagnosis and personalized treatment that suits their unique needs.

As a leader in podiatric care, Maryland Podiatry Services knows that treatment is never one size fits all. To best care for their patients of all backgrounds, Dr. Armstrong and her team provide a broad range of treatment options for conditions like gout and neuropathy.

In addition to surgical interventions, such as ingrown toenail removal and bunion surgery, Dr. Armstrong prescribes topical compound creams and medicated foot soaks to relieve pain. The practice also carries a variety of orthotic inserts to treat an array of foot problems, from diabetic foot pain to plantar fasciitis.

What makes Maryland Podiatry Services unique is its dedication to providing safe, effective, economical treatments. They sell custom-fit orthotics at a lower price than their competitors and over-the-counter inserts that offer orthotic strength while outperforming those sold at drug stores.

Dr. Armstrong truly enjoys improving her patients’ quality of life. Along with selling Canodyne® CBD products to relieve foot pain, the practice sells Dr. Armstrong’s own therapeutic Foot-Lux Rejuvenation Oil at a reduced price to loyal patients.

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